Welcome to the official site of pagan folk metal group Mysteria Mortis. Somewhere, far away in the snowy mountains, where Freya sings her songs, I heard something that reminds me about very old story... That ancient story, was puted by the sages in the myths and legends of children from the North. Today I will tell you about the five men who stranger in these snowy mountains, whose swords, we can hear even from the farthest place of the earth. I will tell you about pagan folk metal band called Mysteria Mortis…
The band plays in the style of pagan and folk metal – Slavic, Scandinavian, Celtic Metal – and acts for the revival of ancient traditions and knowledge. The band already on the stage for the four years. The band earned the popular and high quality ranks of musicians playing at the famous bands of this music style, this is Mysteria Mortis.

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«Tund’s Water» album – soon!

Coming soon! Only a matter of weeks before the release of our first album! In anticipation are all, even the band itself. We worked hard and worked for a year, recording with our favorite sound engineer, evolving under your applause, for your screams and requests to come again under your support, for your faith and the faith of our loved ones, we finally did something that walked to! And I assure you that this is not the end, we just have to move on. Dear listeners, damn, we thank you and we love you! Thanks for everything, be with us on and we will not let you down. Faith makes wonders.

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