Welcome to the official site of pagan folk metal group Mysteria Mortis. Somewhere, far away in the snowy mountains, where Freya sings her songs, I heard something that reminds me about very old story... That ancient story, was puted by the sages in the myths and legends of children from the North. Today I will tell you about the five men who stranger in these snowy mountains, whose swords, we can hear even from the farthest place of the earth. I will tell you about pagan folk metal band called Mysteria Mortis…
The band plays in the style of pagan and folk metal – Slavic, Scandinavian, Celtic Metal – and acts for the revival of ancient traditions and knowledge. The band already on the stage for the four years. The band earned the popular and high quality ranks of musicians playing at the famous bands of this music style, this is Mysteria Mortis.

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«Slavic Сarnival» Rock Fest – July 5, 2014

Citizens of Komsomolsk, Amur and Khabarovsk! You can see us on the platform of «Padali» airport near Amursk at 5 of July. Will play a new songs and there is CDs with our first album! All are welcome!!

It’s start to record the second album

Dear friends! It’s time for the record of our second album.  To do this, we again went to the studio, where work is already underway on the recording drum our drummer Roman Knyazev, with whom we have already successfully played two concerts.

Album is released!

Аlbum is reliazed at the 10.05.2013! http://www.morehate.com/release.php?id=117
So, you can get album in any city (town) of Russia or in official site of our bands – www.mysteria-mortis.ru and in our label’s site www.morehate.com  . Besides, you can get merch from our bands: bandanas, t-shorts and others.Thank you for all! We are sincerely love you! Yours, MYSTERIA MORTIS.



Album “Tund’s water” at the 2013.05.10

We are glad to tell  you that  our album – Tund’s water will be realized at the May, 10 (2013). We waited for it!  Besides, just as it was promised – we present to your attention of our new participant – Dmitry Kupriyanov (bass). Dmitry has experience of performances with our band on the Phoenix rock Fest in Vladivostok (06.05.2013). Dmitry, welcome to a family! )

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