Welcome to the official site of pagan folk metal group Mysteria Mortis. Somewhere, far away in the snowy mountains, where Freya sings her songs, I heard something that reminds me about very old story... That ancient story, was puted by the sages in the myths and legends of children from the North. Today I will tell you about the five men who stranger in these snowy mountains, whose swords, we can hear even from the farthest place of the earth. I will tell you about pagan folk metal band called Mysteria Mortis…
The band plays in the style of pagan and folk metal – Slavic, Scandinavian, Celtic Metal – and acts for the revival of ancient traditions and knowledge. The band already on the stage for the four years. The band earned the popular and high quality ranks of musicians playing at the famous bands of this music style, this is Mysteria Mortis.

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New keyboard player

It’s time to introduce our new keyboardist and a member of our family – Semyon Risyev! Semyon has already debuted on our performance in the city Khabarovsk city at 23 of November in 2014.

Greetings! Welcome to our family!V9X8p_-PtEo VdU5V3k0-HA

New song!

Folks! As promised, we finally put a new song from our upcoming second album «Our time»! On this song we’ve been worked hard. It was filmed our first video clip, which you will soon see. We waiting for wild reposts, enjoy listening and downloading to your players! See you at the shows.

Mysteria Mortis – Until i have a chance

Drums recording is over

Hi folks! Good news everyone listerens and fans of Mysteria Mortis! News from studio when we recording our new album. Roman Knyazev finally and COMPLETELY recorded live drums for the second album! Roman is very happy \m/ \m/ (from 24 of October 2014)

Рома Князев

Info from band

Our second thematic album will be called «Our Time». Our time is a time of awakening, memories of old traditions, awakening of the self in the modern world. The name is ambiguous, as it means the former world: the world of our ancestors, their knowledge, strength, bravery, loyalty, courage… and a real world, modern – time of us. Those few who remember. The title comes from the song “Our Time”, which will also be included in the album. The concept was interesting enough, the album promises to be atmospheric, and as he calls it one of our friends, is mental. Rage, power, and pride – these feelings are mixed with fun melodic notes of some songs, giving to relax and just chill out. A definite style of our music in this album is simply not exists. Dating as a fun folk metal, mdm, black metal, pagan.

Finished music video

Folks! On 24 of August we filmed our video for the song “Until I have a chance”. It is worth noting that it was long and difficult but interesting work. Mysteria Mortis band sincerely thanks all those who worked on the clip: our sponsor Sergey Botvin, Kseniya Bondarenko (actress), Pasha Funk (actor), biker club «Slavs» for the generator, Eugeniy Markov and his driver friend Vladimir for transport, for torches, for much more, we thank Kirk Kalinichev, Dmitry Chaika, Veronica Odinokova and uncle Oberon. A huge thank you, friends! You kept adequately, it has not prevented nothing, not even the rain! Everything was cool!

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